A major American producer of office supplies recently acquired for their plant in Mexico a Halm Super Jet press fully reconditioned by Curtius Technologies Inc. This dual feed, two color offset perfector press, which was completely rebuilt and installed by Curtius Technologies technicians on April 2012, can print on both sides of blank mailing envelopes in one pass at speeds up to as 30,000 envelopes per hour on 2up. Its dual standard feeders make it possible to run a large variety of envelope sizes up to 9” x 12” when perfecting.

This new installation marks another success for the versatile Halm Super Jet press, and confirms Curtius Technologies Inc. as an expert in rebuilding and upgrading what’s possibly the fastest press for producing printed envelopes of all sizes.

The comprehensive reconditioning process applied by Curtius Technologies Inc. begins with dismantling 100% of the pre-owned Halm Super Jet press. The metallic frame is then pressure-washed and all obsolete electrical and mechanical parts –in particular those in contact with paper are replaced. The press is also completely rewired and upgraded with PLCs (programmable logic controllers) thus eliminating outdated relays.

The reconstructed machine is then fitted with a new upgraded belt transmission system, a dual solenoid system, source of expensive maintenance, is replaced by compressed air piston, and a systematic installation of onboard drive guarantees a smooth, quiet, energy efficient and low maintenance operation even at high speed. The feeder chains are also upgraded with timing belts to minimize risk of jams.

Last but not least, a new alphanumerical screen upgrade allows operators to set the type and the number of envelopes per batch; once the machine has reached the requested amount of envelopes it will stop automatically. Switching settings from 1up to 2up or 4up can be done easily by simply entering the desired setting on the screen. The easy-to-use screen can also show the location of any occurring jam thus diminishing machine downtime.

The result of such a thorough reconditioning process? A fully reconstructed and upgraded Halm Super Jet Press that will exceed original specifications at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. With this perfector press like new you can do two-color quality work on large documents, up to 12” x 18″ in size. Full bleed is possible on the front of the document, regardless of size, and when perfecting up to 9″ x 12″. The standard dual feeders enable you to run a larger variety of envelope sizes. You can also run clasp and latex envelopes as well as ballot and proxy cards. With the ability to run 4-up, you can print at speeds of up to 70,000 impressions per hour. See for yourselves.

For more information on reconstructed and upgraded envelope-printing and envelope-making machines or to discuss your specific envelope needs, visit www.curtius.com