Curtius Trading offers a vast selection of parts and dies for your envelope machines.

Window Film:

We sell polystyrene film, biaxialy oriented and resistant to curling and wrinkling. It is available with or without anti-static coating and combines an optimum balance of gloss and haze. It provides excellent consistency and superior glue adhesion on window envelope application.

    Adhesives for envelopes (glue):

    1. Patch Glue (Window glue) - Curtius 6400-135

    This type of glue can be used for glue application either on the paper or on the window film. It is low-splashing on the machine. Glue 6400-135 has proved particularly suitable for chamber doctor blade equipments where the glue is applied on the window film, as there are practically no residues on the blades. Residues and splatters, if any, can easily be cleaned due to the good water solvency of the glue. 

    Due to the high initial tack and the high closing speed, a big advantage of 6400-135 - besides the excellent machine run - is the safe fixing of the window which is particularly problematic on machines like W&D Helios 102.

    2. Side seam glue - Curtius 3100-200

    This type of glue, whose splashing tendency is very low, is recommended for application by segment. This adhesive is much more aggressive and therefore is 20 % more efficient than it competitor’s glue.

    3. Closing flap glue ‘Dextrin’ – Curtius 4400-300

    This type of glue is a synthetic resin dextrine mixture adhesive. Very fast drying both with hot air (Leister nozzles) as well as currently available standard IR drying systems. It is also suitable for subsequent laser printing. It contains low quantities of flattening additives, which slightly delays the drying process, but improves the lay-flat property of the closing flap. It has shown great performance on inserting machines. Due to its tackiness, it requires less amount of glue per application and therefore less moist and less drying time. This glue requires a thickness of no more than .004” in comparison to its competitor’s glue of .008” thickness.

    We also sell silicone, latex and hot melt glue. Contact our Sales Department at +1 404-352-1000 or email at for further inquiries.

      Silicone Release Liner:

      The silicone release liner is a paper film with a silicone coating on one or both sides. It is used for the closing flap on silicone envelopes (e.g. Fedex Envelopes). It is sold in 39 and 60 g/m2 and in any width you request. The paper can be printed with your logo.


        We also sell supplies for special applications such as: Button, string and eyelets for String and Button Machines (e.g. FL Smithe DT) Clasp and tape for Clasp Machines (e.g. FL Smithe AF)

        Please contact us for any inquiry on supplies or parts to +1 404 352 1000 or send an email to