Rebuilding and Upgrade

Rebuilding and upgrading services for envelope machines

In order to guarantee the quality of the machines we sell, it is necessary to test it in our factory. If you consider buying a new machine, or want to avoid the technical problems of a second-hand machine, we would recommend purchasing a machine fully rebuilt and upgraded.

On a fully-rebuilt envelope machine, the machine is stripped down from 50 to 100% depending on the machine condition and type. While being reassembled, most of the wear and tear parts are replaced (rubber rolls, belts, chains, bushing, bearing, etc...) The machine is fully rewired, including a new electrical box.

Dismantled envelope machine before cleaning, painting and reassembly.

The same machine after our technicians have cleaned, painted and rebuilt it.

Our R&D Department had developed numerous mechanical and electrical upgrades, that had made possible to incease speed, reduce paper jams and transform production lines into a more cost-effective enterprise.

The following links offer the latest upgrades developed for each envelope machine model:

W+D 102

W+D 527