W&D 102

Rebuilding and Upgrading W+D 102
Below is a list of some of the upgrades that we can install on a W&D 102 envelope making machine: Please click on the pictures to get a more detailed view.
Please click on the pictures to get a more detailed view.

1. Timing Belt Upgrade for Printing Unit (reversible)

1a. Printing Unit with Doctor Blade

2. High Speed Window Patcher

3. Timing Belt Upgrade for Score Section

4. Timing Belt Upgrade for Separatory Section

5.  Staggering Station Update

6.  Timing Belt Upgrade for Staggering Station

7.  Timing Belt Upgrade for Delivery

Check the video of a W&D 102 completely rebuilt and upgraded by Curtius Technologies with a newly designed Silicone Release Liner Applicator on the delivery:

Our R&D Department had developed numerous mechanical and electrical upgrades, that had made possible to incease speed, reduce paper jams and transform production lines into a more cost-effective enterprise.

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W&D 102

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