Curtius Sales Conditions



The machine is in a factory, the client will see it running and will estimate himself the state of the machine. Curtius Trading can then give advice on the state of the machine and on what can be done to improve it based on what both the client and our technician can observe. No warranty, loading and packaging.


The machine is removed from the factory and reinstalled in our workshop. The guards and plates are removed. The machine is superficially cleaned and painted. The machine is tested with paper and vacuum in order to detect major problems that make the machine either difficult or impossible to run. These problems are repaired before shipment of the machine. The machine will be loaded and blocked in container.


Most of the time, we recommend a reconditioning when the machine is either dismantled or is going to be used in a country where parts or experienced labor for that particular machine are hard to get. For this stage, the machine will be dismantled from 50% to 80%, depending on the initial condition of the machine. The frame will be cleaned and painted. Broken, badly worn, and necessary missing parts will be repaired or replaced.

The following parts will always be replaced with new:

  • Rubber Rolls
  • Belts
  • Score Blades
  • Most of the parts in contact with the paper
  • Machine will be electrically rewired and in some cases, the electric box could be replaced
  • The machine will be tested and supplied with one size change according to customer needs

The machine will also be supplied with the following:

  • Parts book, operator's Manual
  • Some spare parts
  • Basic supplies to start production, tool box
  • Vacuum connections if sold with vacuum pump
  • The machine comes with up to 6 months warranty on parts (freight and labor excluded) if our technician has installed the machine. Installation and training are not included.

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