Commercial envelopes come in two varieties. High volume envelopes (20 pound/75 gram and over weight paper) usually ordered in quantities of at least 2,000,000, and specialty envelopes usually produced on higher quality paper (often preprinted stock) and ordered in quantities of 25,000 and up. For high volume and specialty envelopes produced on the same machine, we suggest the FLS RA800 or RA600, or the W&D 627, 527, 328, 327, SBGS, or 38. Most of these machines have mixed feeds (they can produce from sheets of paper or rolls (webs)). If you only want to produce specialty envelopes (or short run envelopes) we suggest the FLS WR, WRW WRW-K-PC, RA 800, or the W&D 327, 227, 127, 29, 26, or SBGS.

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