FL Smithe PHP

Rebuilding and Upgrading Envelope Machines

FL Smithe PHP

The Rebuilding Process

The machine is totally dismantled and checked. The machine's body is painted.

The machine is then reassembled with its original parts and new parts where necessary.

The final result is a fully reconditioned and upgraded PHP machine.

The CNC software that was running on the machine has now been replaced by a Linux based operating system allowing interference of other input in the program, such as :

- Adaptation of existing programming to an offset of printing pattern on the paper
- Uploading of an existing Excel program through a USB key
- Specific safety areas during programming
- Paper Clamp Programming
- A new Data Entry System
- Light curtains

The machine is upgraded with a high speed bolt screw, a high flow oil pump and an adapted heat exchanger to increase the speed of the press. The hydraulic ejector has been replaced by an air ejector, preventing oil leaks.

These upgrades combined with a thorough rebuilding job will allow you to benefit from the latest technological developments at a fraction of the price of a new press.

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